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Art•ivist: Art Shapes Life

‘A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others.’ ~ Salvador Dalí ~ Art is the most powerful form of self-expression, it can also be used as a tool to impact millions of people and our communities in the most profound and beautiful way. Artists use their art to raise awareness of issues in the community and to raise money for local causes, they also make an impact by sharing their stories through their work, which can encourage other people to speak up about what they’re going through. I’m sure all of us have had that magical feeling of fully relating to or being drawn to a piece of artwork whether it be a song, a...

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Creating Impact Through Culture Development: Building a vibrant, thriving, sustainable community.

There is a plethora of beautiful cultures across the globe that build up our societies and make them unique. From black culture to hip hop culture it continues to empower and enlighten us, it opens up our hearts, enhances our quality of life and teaches us that coming together is the best solution for times of hardship and the greatest way to celebrate our joy.

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