• To obtain by energetic activity
  • To sell or promote energetically and aggressively

The Hustle, the Grind. From the 9 to 5 grind to the scrappy entrepreneur. Hustle is a key ingredient of many Self-Made business owners. Hustle is a mindset, belief pattern, a way of life. Hustle is about maximizing your talent, resources and opportunities for the greater good.

Guadua Self-Made Series

What does it mean to be 'Self-Made'? Guadua defines self-made as the measure of commitment, sacrifice and dedication one is willing to apply in the pursuit of their belief or dream. History is filled with pioneers, trendsetters and innovators who have carved their names in history through their accomplishments and impacts on society.

Guadua in partnership with Corestream Business Services, is proud to recognize entrepreneurs, artists and individuals making positive contributions in their Industry and community with the Self-Made series.

Checkout the Guadua Self-Made Series episodes to hear inspiring stories from individuals and entrepreneurs changing the game!

      Episode 3 - Sydney Ealy: Empowering Young Girls to Become Future Leaders




      Episode 2 - Kim Clark Artistry: Turning Passion into Purpose


          Episode 1 - Royal Physique: Transforming Lives Through Fitness

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