Growing up the son of a small business owner, I remember my father relentlessly preaching to my siblings and I the importance of having your own business. And as you might expect, over time l developed a love for business and entrepreneurship. As a kid, when I wasn’t playing basketball or baseball, you could find me working odd jobs, anywhere from shelving snow, mowing lawns to packing grocery bags.

While I enjoyed all things business, I appreciated the creative process more, something I wouldn’t realize until adulthood. Growing up in the early to late 90’s arguably the Golden Age of Hip Hop. Hip-hop played a major role in me developing my creativity because it inspired me to be original, push the boundaries and have something to say.

A couple of years after getting my MBA, I started to get the entrepreneurship bug. After months of research and brainstorming possible business ideas, I decided to leave my job and take a leap into the fashion business. I left my job at the time to fully devote my attention to starting Guadua. In 2017, I launched Guadua as a men's fashion brand, with the mission to design quality, stylish clothing that is inspiring and impactful!


Core Values

Guadua was founded in January 2017 with the sole purpose of producing quality, comfortable, stylish clothing that the modern man would enjoy wearing. More than just a fashion brand, we understand that today's male lives a fast pace, dynamic lifestyle that often blur the lines of the traditional work-life balance; where both worlds seemingly intertwine. Guadua provides products that encourage, support and inspires their way of life. While serving the needs of underrepresented communities. 

Our aim is to provide quality men's clothing that is stylish and comfortable to wear. We believe that style, comfort and quality are essential elements in ensuring that we provide clothing that our customers wear with pride and confidence. Guadua is dedicated to serving our employees, customers, partners and community with honesty and integrity.



Feel. Experience. Live. is not a tagline but a way of life. We believe that you have one life to live and should find that one thing or things that you're most passionate about and pursue them religiously!

At Guadua we pride ourselves in using quality material and designs to provide a comfortable and durable wear. We accomplish this by pairing premium fabrics with unique designs.

Guadua is dedicated to designing the best in men's fashion, because our customers deserve to look and feel their best.
Here at Guadua we believe you should live bold, empowered and confident. Whether you are looking for a shirt that is fitted and comfortable for a night out on the town or relaxed and casual for gameday, we have a shirt that matches the occasion.