Copy of Guadua: Self-Made Series

What does it mean to be 'Self-Made'? Guadua defines self-made as the measure of commitment, sacrifice and dedication one is willing to apply in the pursuit of their belief or dream. History is filled with pioneers, trendsetters and innovators who have carved their names in history through their accomplishments and impacts on society. Guadua in partnership with Corestream Business Services, is proud to recognize entrepreneurs, artists and individuals making positive contributions in their Industry and community with the Self-Made series.


Royal Physique Transforming lives through fitness

'Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.' - Bill Bradley

In this edition of Self-Made, we met with an inspiring individual, Lah King celebrity trainer and owner of Royal Physique. In a behind-the-scenes interview Lah shares what drives him and how he’s using fitness to make a difference in his community.  

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