Guadua Self-Made Series: Part 1 - Origin Story

Welcome to part one of a three-part series Guadua Self-Made: The Origin. Where we explore the mindset of self-made entrepreneurs and trailblazers while highlighting the origin story of various industry gamechangers.

Being a self-made entrepreneur can be empowering, however it does not come without its own set of challenges and barriers. Despite the best of intentions, It can take a lot of inner work to get to the point of realizing that you are worthy of stepping into your dreams and giving your ideas and passions the fuel and space to fail, learn, improve and succeed can be challenging.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

You have the power to make decisions, and you can achieve anything you want with that power that you have created. The only thing that stands between you and success is how much effort you put into your dream.

So how did some of the most successful entrepreneurs get their start? What is their origin story, the early moments that sparked their road to success? In the origin stories of several self-made entrepreneurs, their start was far from easy and in many cases they were considered the underdog.

Let’s take the jack-of-all-trades entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk whose self-made mindset and social media mastery has propelled him to the top of the business word.

For Gary, it all started when he graduated from college and started taking charge of his father's liquor store. Gary decided to take the wine sales to the online world and started a channel on YouTube called Wine Library TV. With a huge amount of dedication, hard work, and a mindset of not worrying about the judgment from the outside world on what he was doing he managed to do the impossible and grew the business from $3 million to $60 million!

Gary Vaynerchuk has gained a plethora of wisdom that he continues to share with the world but a mantra for success that widely resonates and is so simple and  true is that finding happiness in what you do every day is imperative.


It is important to remember that people with a self-made mindset and successful businesses behind them are not just people who work for themselves, they are individuals who created something from nothing through hard work, dedication, determination, and belief in their passion.